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The Inspection Overview


For many people, purchasing a home is the largest investment they will ever make.  A professional home inspection will provide extensive information on the existing condition of a home, as well as the essential components of its care and upkeep.  Home inspectors provide tremendous value, helping home buyers and owners

determine the condition of all major aspects of the property including:

  • Exterior Condition -  grading, exterior wall finishes, porches, steps, decks, walkways
  • Foundation and Structure - foundation walls, beams, support columns, floor joists, roof trusses
  • Interior Structures –  floors, walls, ceiling, windows, doors
  • Electrical Systems – main service, electrical panels, wiring, switches and receptacles
  • Heating and Cooling Systems – fireplaces, furnace and air conditioning units, duct work, venting
  • Plumbing – water heaters, supply piping, drains, fixtures, venting
  • Insulation and Ventilation – attic insulation, roof venting
  • Roofing – covering, valleys, flashings, gutters and downspouts

There are two important parts of a home inspection: a guided tour and a written report.  The client is accompanied on a personal examination of a site, during which time a visual inspection will be performed on accessible systems and components of the home.  Opportunities for open dialogue between the client and home inspector on strengths of the home, safety issues, improvement solutions, and the potential cost of repairs will help the client develop a clear understanding of the home’s condition.  Typically, it takes between three to four hours to complete a thorough inspection.


Upon completion of the inspection, the client will receive a full, written report, including a detailed summary of the inspector’s findings.  Professional reference material that explains all aspects of general home operations will also be provided at no additional cost.  Free post inspection advice is available upon request.

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The Inspection Overview


Prior to Inspection


1.  Interested individuals will call Jaspin to request a home inspection.
2.  The type of inspection required will be discussed and the location of home shared.
3.  The client will be e-mailed a brief questionnaire to determine specific needs.    
     (Questions may include inquiries about potential for home renovation, budget for
      repairs or restoration, allergies to dust/mold, etc.)
4.   An outline of the inspection procedure will be discussed and the fee reviewed with the  client.
5.   The date and time of the inspection will be set.
6.   The client will be e-mailed or faxed a copy of the contract to review before inspection day.


Day of Inspection 


1.  The inspector will meet with the client at the specified time.
2.  The inspection procedure will be reviewed with the client and the contract signed.
3.  The inspection will be conducted with the client.  The inspection may take 3- 4 hours.
5.  Review findings verbally with client within mobile office.
6.  The report may be written on site, or delivered to the client at a later time.  Upon receipt the inspector
     will review written report with client, and provide a complimentary Home Reference Book.  Free post
     inspection advice is available upon request.


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