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The Written Report


While a guided tour of a prospective property is a key component of a home inspection, a detailed, professional report is invaluable when reflecting upon the home’s conditions after leaving the property.  To help you make an informed decision, Jaspin utilizes a comprehensive, high quality reporting system developed by leading experts in the field of home inspection. Your customized report will provide detailed information on the home’s roofing, exterior conditions, structure, electrical system, heating and air conditioning, insulation, plumbing, interior finishes, and maintenance issues.  It also provides you with a cost estimate guide to repairs and upgrades.  




Jaspin uses Your Home Inspection Report  as its primary reporting system.  Two other reporting systems may be used at the inspector's discretion including The Home Reference Book  and/or the Home Gauge computer generated reporting system.  All programs are professional, comprehensive and have easy to read formats. 

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