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Inspection Agreement


The main objective of the inspection and subsequent report is to educate the client about the general condition of the building as it is revealed through a visual examination of readily accessible features of the property. Although the inspection is performed in accordance with the standards of practice of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI), it is not possible, nor is it a contractual obligation, for the inspector to identify all concealed deficiencies or defects through a visual assessment. Every effort will be made to provide the client with the most comprehensive, detailed information for the purpose intended. Information regarding the cost of repairs, maintenance and/or effective improvements may be included to assist the client with his/her decision making process.


There are two important components of the home inspection: a verbal survey and written report. Typically, the client is accompanied on a personal examination of the site, during which time potential problems are identified and discussed. Non-attendance of the inspection is ill advised, as it may limit the client understanding of the property condition. This report is not transferable to third parties for the same reason; it will not clearly convey the information without the verbal survey. The second component is the written report, which is prepared with reasonable skill and care, within the limitations of a visual inspection upon the given date.

Clients are advised of the following conditions:  


1. The inspector’s opinions are based on his professional knowledge and observable conditions of readily accessible aspects of the building, on the day of the inspection.


2. Due to the restrictive nature of a visual inspection, the client is hereby warned that the inspection in not technically exhaustive. No excavation or removal of obstructions will be performed. We do not disassemble equipment, bore holes into walls, floors or ceilings, move furniture, carpets or other obstructions. Like items, such as electrical outlets, will be tested on a random sampling basis.


3. The client acknowledges that this inspection does not cover code compliance issues set by governments or other regulatory authorities. It does not take into account eligibility for mortgage insurance, building or homeownership insurance.


4. While the inspection is intended to provide the client with a better understanding of the building, all risk associated with the purchase process cannot be eliminated. The inspector/inspection firm does not guarantee or provide warranty on this inspection or components of the home pertaining to the inspection. Neither the inspector, Inspection Company or any Association will assume any of your risks related to this home’s performance, or lack thereof.


5. This report is for the exclusive use of the contracted parties and may not be used by third parties without the prior written permission from the inspector/inspection firm.


The client acknowledges that the following items are excluded from the inspection: appliances, central vacuum systems, heat exchangers, interior flue liners, outbuildings, trees, wood destroying insects, vermin/animals, underground storage tanks, EFIS (synthetic stucco), security systems, intercom, septic, well and irrigation systems, below grade sewage and water pipes, swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and related equipment. The inspector/inspection company does not address any environmental issues whatsoever, including the existence of hazardous, poisonous or noxious materials or substances including but not limited to: mold, mildew, fungus, soil gases, Asbestos containing materials and UFFI. This report makes not representation regarding cosmetic issues.


I have read this contract and I am aware of the limitations of the inspection process. I accept the report and supplements according to the conditions stated herein. I am aware that the fee paid for this inspection is for professional time and is not a guarantee of present or future conditions and is not an insurance policy of any kind.


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